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Welcome to your new face!

Endermologie | Cosmecanique

Create a customized workout for the underlying structure of your face

This is a mechanical stimulation of the face that increases facial tone and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. We can treat right around the eye and the lips, as well. This is an ultra-relaxing treatment with... no product application.

Cosmecanique is a unique treatment developed to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Cosmecanique creates a revolution in facial skin care with the patented, three-dimensional action of the Lift 6. Cosmecanique works on the underlying architecture of the skin. Unlike other treatments, Cosmecanique is gentle, non-invasive and non-abrasive. Treatments stimulate the blood circulation and "awaken" the tissues to optimize the skin's natural potential.

This treatment is most popular for the facial area, but it can be used over the entire body as a compliment to Endermologie. Endermologie releases trapped fat and Cosmecanique improves the elasticity of the skin. Now you can reduce your cellulite and smooth the skin with just two products.


Is Your Face In Shape ?

When you think about your face, normally you think only about the surface. You think about skin washes, creams and cleansers. What keeps you facial skin strong, firm and smooth, however, is its underlying foundation of connective tissue. Now, the Lift 6 from LPG offers a natural facial workout for the underlying structure of your skin.

An Incomparable Facial Treatment In Three Stages:

1. Preparation
Cleanse your skin of make-up and impurities

2. Lift 6 Deep Action
For 30 minutes, your face receives a stimulating workout while you relax! From the very first session, you will feel the deep action of the treatment heads on your skin and the tissues below.

3. Finish
Now your face is prepared to take full advantage of any products you wish to have applied.

Targeted Skin Care

Cosmecanique - Facial treatment

When applied to the skin, the heads produce a rhythmic, continuous micro pulsation during the 30 minute treatment. Every inch of your skin receives direct stimulation in three dimensions, concentrating on your eyes, facial area, neck, or neck line.

Choose the program for your safety and efficacy:

  • Swollen skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Aged skin
the speed and frequency of the treatment heahds vary to best meet your beauty needs.

We have also prepared a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions for your review, click here to view.


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